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Zinnia Orange King Seeds


Introducing Zinnia Orange King - a stunning addition to any garden or bouquet! These vibrant flowers boast a rich, dark orange hue and measure 4-5 inches wide, making them stand out in any space. Native to Mexico, Zinnia elegans is a fast-growing and long-blooming annual species that will bring joy to your garden for months on end.

Not only are Zinnia Orange King's flowers beautiful, but they are also practical. These zinnias make excellent cut flowers, allowing you to enjoy their beauty indoors and outdoors. Additionally, they are perfect for pollinator plantings, attracting various butterflies to your garden.

Thriving in full sun and moderate to dry moisture conditions, Zinnia Orange King grows 30-40 inches. They are known for their summer blooms and can even flower into the fall. So whether you want to add color to your garden or create a stunning bouquet, Zinnia Orange King is perfect.