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Zinnia Envy Seeds


Introducing Zinnia Envy, the stunning chartreuse green flower developed by Bodger Seed in the 1960s. With its 4 inch wide petals and striking color, this zinnia is sure to catch the eye of any gardener or flower enthusiast. Zinnia Envy is an annual species native to Mexico, known for its fast-growing and long-blooming nature.

In addition to its beauty, Zinnia Envy is also a versatile flower. Its vibrant color makes it an excellent choice for cut flower arrangements, while its attractiveness to butterflies makes it a great addition to pollinator plantings. Zinnia Envy thrives in full sun and can tolerate both dry and moderate moisture conditions.

With a height of 30-40 inches and a bloom period that extends from summer into fall, Zinnia Envy is a must-have for any garden or landscape. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this unique and eye-catching zinnia to your collection.