Waltham 29 Broccoli Sprouting Seeds - 1 Pound

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Broccoli Seeds For Sprouting Kit and Microgreens Non-GMO, Heirloom Bulk 1 Pound Resealable Sprouts Bag

  • SPROUTS & MICROGREENS - Broccoli sprout seeds are easy to grow at home, in the classroom, and for health and wellness.  

  • NUTRITIOUS - Broccoli sprouts are full of vitamins and sulforaphane to help digestion, health, and wellness.  Add broccoli sprouts seeds to your diet and eat the rainbow of colors.  

  • TASTY - The taste of the broccoli seed once sprouted is tasty and fresh, loved by many.  Add to your favorite sandwich, soup, and salad to add a nutritional punch.

  • VALUE - Our 1 pound bag of non GMO broccoli sprouts seeds is an excellent value.  Store in a cool, dark place in your pantry so you can make fresh sprouts every week!

  • USA - All our seed, including the non-GMO heirloom broccoli seed for planting and sprouting, is grown, harvested, and packed right here in the USA.  

  • Semillas de brócoli para kit de germinación y microgreens sin OMG, Heirloom Bulk, bolsa de brotes resellable de 1 libra

Keeping broccoli sprouts handy is a great way to increase your nutrition and wellness without a lot of work. Growing your sprouts indoors or in your kitchen is both easy and fulfilling. A lot of supermarkets around us have stopped carrying sprouts. Grow your own for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them in the grocery store (if you can even find them). Our 1 pound bulk broccoli seeds are perfect for making your fresh sprouts week after week in your own home.

Reasons we love broccoli sprouts and broccoli microgreens:

Nutritional powerhouse
Sprouts are superfoods
Eat your vitamins
Can juice the sprouts
Easy to grow
Sulforaphane rich food
Great on sandwiches
Yummy in soups
Grow indoors year-round
Great science experiment for children
Classroom learning
Saves money
Getting kids to eat greens in a fun way!
Easy sprout directions on the bag
100% non-GMO
100% heirloom
High germination rate

Rest assured that all of our seeds are grown in the USA. They are heirloom and non-GMO sprouting and planting seeds. Your bag of broccoli seeds is packaged with care by our small family-owned and operated company. Thank you for supporting local and small. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please reach out to us so we can assist you.