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Sugar Daddy Snap Pea Seeds


Heirloom Sugar Daddy Snap Pea Seed Packets For Planting In Your Garden

The sugar daddy snap pea is a stringless pea pod. These peas are great eaten fresh or cooked up in a stir fry!

Days Until Maturity: 60-65

Planting Depth: 1"

Plant Spacing: 6"

Days to Germination: 7-10

Start Indoors: Direct Sow

Sun or Shade: Full Sun

Weight: Approx. 4g

Seed Count: Approx. 25

USDA Hardiness Zones: 3-10

Soil PH: Neutral to Slightly Acidic

Plant Height: Approx. 54"

When to Plant: March to June

When to Harvest: June to September

Moisture Needs: Regular Watering

You can harvest the peas when the pods are mature and developed. The more peas you pick, the more peas the plants will produce.