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Single Mixed Hollyhocks Seeds


Single Mixed Hollyhocks Flower Seeds For Planting - Add Charm to Your Garden with These Old-Fashioned Beauties

Bring a touch of nostalgia and charm to your garden with our Single Mixed Hollyhocks Flower Seeds for planting. These old-fashioned favorites have been around for centuries, originating from central Eurasia and making their way to Western Europe during the Crusades. Hollyhocks were later brought to America by early colonists who valued their medicinal properties and found them easy to grow.

Our Single Mixed Hollyhocks feature a delightful blend of colors, including Alcea rosea varieties, which will add a vibrant splash to any garden. Ideal for planting at the back of flower borders or alongside fences, these tall and robust plants can reach heights of 50-80 inches. Their stately presence and captivating colors make them a stunning focal point in any landscape!

Not only do these Hollyhocks boast a rich history and stunning appearance, but they are also tough and sturdy plants that can tolerate poor soils. They thrive in full sun and can adapt to various moisture levels, from dry to moderate.

Product Details:

  • Scientific Name: Alcea rosea
  • Colors: Mixed (Assorted Alcea rosea varieties)
  • Seed Type: Annual, Biennial
  • Sun Requirements: Full Sun
  • Moisture Requirements: Dry, Moderate
  • Plant Height: 50-80 inches
  • Bloom Period: Summer

Upgrade your garden with our Single Mixed Hollyhocks Flower Seeds for planting, and enjoy the enchanting beauty of these old-fashioned favorites. Their hardiness, adaptability, and captivating colors make them a perfect addition to any garden. So order your Single Mixed Hollyhocks seeds today and experience the charm of these classic beauties!