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Russell Lupine Seeds


Russell Lupine Seeds For Planting - Vibrant Perennial Blooms for Your Garden

Transform your garden into a stunning haven of color with our Russell Lupine Seeds for Planting! Lupinus polyphyllus, a Pacific Northwest native perennial, is the perfect addition to any garden, offering an explosion of vibrant flower spikes in blue, pink, red, or white. Standing 12-36 inches tall, these beautiful flowers will create a show-stopping display in your outdoor space.

As a late spring bloomer, Russell Lupine graces your garden with its majestic presence from late May to mid-June. These eye-catching blooms aren't just visually appealing but also a magnet for hummingbirds, inviting these delightful creatures to visit and pollinate your garden.

Russell Lupine thrives in full sun and enjoys moderate to moist conditions, making it a versatile and easy-to-grow plant. Its adaptability makes it ideal for various garden settings, including beds & borders or meadow gardening. However, it's important to note that plants and seeds are poisonous to livestock, so take necessary precautions if you have farm animals nearby.

Product Details:

  • Scientific Name: Lupinus polyphyllus
  • Colors: Mixed Colors (Blue, Pink, Red, White)
  • Seed Type: Perennial
  • Sun Requirements: Full Sun
  • Moisture Requirements: Moderate, Moist
  • Height: 12-36 inches
  • Bloom Period: Spring (Late May to Mid-June)

Enhance your garden's beauty with the captivating presence of Russell Lupine. Order your seeds today and enjoy the vibrant hues and mesmerizing flower spikes that elevate your outdoor space to new heights!