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Powder Puff China Aster Seeds


Powder Puff China Aster Flower Seeds For Planting - Vibrant Mix of Blooms to Brighten Your Garden

Introducing our stunning Powder Puff China Aster Flower Seeds, the perfect addition to any garden seeking a burst of vibrant, eye-catching colors. This delightful mix of Callistephus chinensis seeds will bring your garden to life with its fully double flowers in a breathtaking palette of purple, deep rose, pink, violet, and white shades. Ideal for planting in beds, borders, and pollinator gardens, these beautiful flowers will enhance your outdoor space and provide a haven for beneficial insects.

Our China Aster Powder Puff Mix blooms from mid-summer through early fall, filling your garden with a dazzling display of color when many other annuals have already ceased blooming. Standing at 12-36 inches, these beautiful blossoms make a striking statement in any landscape design.

Scientific Name: Callistephus chinensis Color(s): Mixed Colors (purple, deep rose, pink, violet, white) Seed Type: Annual Sun Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade Moisture Requirements: Moderate Height (in.): 12-36 Bloom Period: Fall Blooming Flowers, Summer

The Powder Puff China Aster flowers are visually stunning and suitable for cutting, allowing you to create beautiful floral arrangements to brighten your home. In addition, their versatile nature means they can thrive in both full sun and partial shade, with moderate moisture requirements, making them easy to care for and adaptable to various garden conditions.

Transform your garden into a captivating display of colorful blooms and support pollinators with our Powder Puff China Aster Flower Seeds. Order now and experience the breathtaking beauty of these delightful flowers for yourself!