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Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds


Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds for Planting - Add a Splash of Sunshine to Your Garden

Introducing our Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds, the perfect addition to your garden for a vibrant and sunny atmosphere. These gorgeous sunflower seeds will produce exquisite Lemon Queen Sunflowers, known for their delicate lemon-yellow petals and rich brown centers. They'll make your garden come alive with color and attract beneficial pollinators to ensure a thriving outdoor space!

Sunflower Lemon Queen, Helianthus annuus, is a stunning annual variety that can reach an impressive height of 60-90 inches, making it an excellent choice for the back of your flower border. Not only do these sunflowers provide visual appeal, but they also make excellent cut flowers, bringing a touch of sunshine indoors.

Our Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds are versatile, easy to grow, and suitable for dry and moderate moisture conditions. Plant them in an area with total sun exposure, and you'll enjoy a spectacular display of blooms throughout summer.

Why choose our Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds?

  • Vibrant lemon-yellow petals with contrasting brown centers
  • Ideal for borders, cut flowers, and garden beds
  • Grows 60-90 inches tall
  • Attracts honey bees, bumble bees, sweat bees, and long-horned bees for pollination
  • Thrives in full sun and dry to moderate moisture conditions
  • Annual seed type, providing a stunning display every summer

Bring an eye-catching pop of color to your garden and support a thriving ecosystem with our Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds. By planting these sun-loving beauties, you'll lighten up your outdoor space, and create a haven for pollinators, ensuring a healthy and flourishing garden season after season. So add these stunning seeds to your cart now and experience the joy of Lemon Queen Sunflowers in your backyard!