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Jewel Mix Nasturtium Seeds


Nasturtium Jewel Mix Flower Seeds For Planting - Vibrant, Edible, and Easy-to-Grow Annuals

Introducing our Nasturtium Jewel Mix Flower Seeds, the perfect addition to any garden, patio, or balcony! These dwarf, non-trailing Tropaeolum nanum plants boast stunning double flowers in a vibrant mix of gold, orange, red, and yellow, bringing a burst of color to your outdoor space. In addition, these plants are visually appealing and easy to grow, long-blooming, and edible, making them a versatile and valuable choice for any gardener.

Key Features:

  • Scientific Name: Tropaeolum annum
  • Colors: Mixed Colors (Gold, Orange, Red, Yellow)
  • Seed Type: Annual, Tender Perennial
  • Sun Requirements: Full Sun
  • Moisture Requirements: Dry, Moderate
  • Height: 12-18 inches
  • Bloom Period: Summer and Fall Blooming Flowers

These Nasturtium Jewel Mix flowers are not only beautiful but also delicious! Their edible flowers offer a tangy, peppery taste that can be enjoyed in various ways. Add them to your salads for a unique, colorful twist, or stuff them with cream cheese filling for a delightful appetizer. They also make a gorgeous garnish for any dish, elevating its presentation and taste.

Nasturtium Jewel Mix flowers are a favorite among bumble bees, attracting these essential pollinators to your garden and supporting a healthy ecosystem. In addition, these plants are an excellent choice for those who value aesthetics and functionality in their gardening endeavors.

Planting and growing Nasturtium Jewel Mix seeds are a breeze. They thrive in full sun and adapt to dry and moderate moisture conditions. With a 12-18 inches height, these plants are an ideal choice for borders, containers, or hanging baskets!

Bring the beauty and versatility of Nasturtium Jewel Mix Flower Seeds to your garden today, and enjoy their colorful blooms and delectable flavors all summer and fall!