Cucumber Seed Assortment | 5 Variety Pack

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Cucumber Seeds For Planting Outdoors 5 Variety Pack Armenian, Boston Pickling, Lemon, Spacemaster, Straight Eight Veggie Seeds By Gardeners Basics

  • VARIETIES - Straight Eight, Lemon Cucumber, Boston Pickling, Spacemaster, and Armenian Cucumber Seeds for Planting 

  • OUTDOOR GARDEN - Whether growing in a greenhouse or using the cucumber seeds for planting a home garden, these varieties are lovely!

  • TASTY - There's nothing like fresh, homegrown cucumber, picked straight from the garden. These 5 varieties are sure to delight your salads, pickles, and taste buds!

  • BUSH AND VINE - Both bush and vine cucumber vegetable seed varieties are selected in this assortment. Vine, trellis, vertical gardening, container gardens, and greenhouses can be used.

  • USA - All of our non-GMO, heirloom cucumbers seeds for planting were grown, harvested, and packaged in the USA.

  • Semillas de pepino para plantar al aire libre Paquete de 5 variedades Armenian, Boston Pickling, Lemon, Spacemaster, Straight Eight Veggie Seeds de Gardeners Basics

Ultimate Pepper Seeds For Planting Variety Pack Includes:

Armenian Cucumber Seeds 1 Gram

Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds 1 Gram

Yellow Lemon Cucumber Seeds For Planting 1 Gram

Spacemaster Cucumber Seed 1 Gram

Straight Eight Cucumbers 1 Gram

We've hand-selected 5 varieties of cucumbers that we think are both fun and tasty. All cucumbers are heirloom, open-pollinated and non-GMO selections. There are long Armenian cucumbers, a cucumber perfect for pickling, round tasty yellow variety, and some excellent slicing cucumber. Which ones will you grow first? It's fun to try out new varieties to see if you can find a new family favorite.

We also tried to pick a variety of bush and vining cucumbers during our selection process. That way, you can grow some vertically on a trellis or a bush in even a container garden bed.

The Armenian has a low acid content, so it is considered a burpless cucumber. It also features pale green skin and flesh. The flesh is thin and ribbed. The seeds it has are very soft, considered an English cucumber variety.

Boston Pickling is a great pickle cucumber seed. They grow shorter and sometimes fatter than regular cucumbers. They have a bumpy surface and are perfect for pickling.

Lemon cucumber seeds are one of the tastiest, funniest vegetable varieties we carry. They are sweet, tasty, and not bitter, which makes them burpless.

Spacemaster Cucumber seeds get their name because it saves space. Great for growing on a patio or in your container garden.

Straight Eight Cucumbers are like the common ones you find in the grocery store. They are crisp and have great flavor.

All of our cucumber seeds are non-GMO, open-pollinated, and heirloom. You can grow the seeds into plants and save for future gardens saving you money in the future and providing food security for your family.

Small family-owned and operated business, thanks for choosing small.