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Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds


Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds For Planting - Heirloom Non-GMO Fruit Seeds Great For Home Outdoor Garden

TRUSTED VARIETY - Popular variety of watermelon seeds used by gardeners for years. The plant produces giant oblong watermelons.
DELICIOUS - These watermelons make for a sweet and refreshing treat for a hot summer day.
HEAT LOVING - Watermelon plants love the heat and will flourish during the hot summer months.
USA - All of our seeds, including the crimson sweet watermelon seeds, are heirloom, open-pollinated and non-GMO, and grown here in the USA. Not only can you enjoy the seeds this season, but you can save the seeds each year to plant again in the future.
PACKETS - Each crimson sweet watermelon seed packet is printed on water-resistant paper, in full color, with planting, growing, and harvesting directions included. Each crimson watermelon seeds packet contains at least 2 grams of seeds.

The crimson sweet watermelon has a crimson red flesh color and a fresh, sweet taste. It produces big fruits with light green and dark green stripes.

It takes around 85 days for these watermelons to reach maturity. Because of that, it is a good idea in most zones to start your watermelon seeds 2-4 weeks before the last frost, then transplant your seedlings after any danger of frost is gone. Watermelon plants love the heat of the summer. Plant them in a location with full sun in your garden.

You can harvest when the rind changes from bright to dull green, and the part that touches the soil is a rich yellow color.

All of our seeds are grown and packaged here in the USA. The crimson sweet watermelon seed is an heirloom variety. You can save seed from your garden and use it year after year, providing food security for you and your family while saving money. Our seeds are packed by us, a small family-owned business. Thank you for choosing to support our small business.

Our seeds are packed in a professionally designed packet. Each seed packet contains 2 grams of seed and written planting, growing, and harvesting information.

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