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Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seeds


Sunflower Autumn Beauty: A Spectacular Display of Fall Colors

Embrace the warm hues of fall with our stunning Sunflower Autumn Beauty (Helianthus annuus). This impressive, taller variety grows to 60-90 inches and features a branching structure that produces a gorgeous mix of red, yellow, gold, orange, russet, and burgundy flowers. This captivating array of autumn shades makes Autumn Beauty a showstopper in any garden, and its height is ideal for creating a dramatic backdrop or border.

Sunflower Autumn Beauty is an annual seed variety that thrives in full sun and requires moderate to dry moisture. Blooming from mid-summer through fall, these sunflowers offer a long-lasting display of color that will brighten your garden throughout the season.

Not only do these beautiful sunflowers make for stunning cut flowers, but they also serve as great pollinator plants. Attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects to your garden while providing a feast for birds and squirrels who love munching on the seeds.

Product Highlights:

  • Scientific Name: Helianthus annuus
  • Colors: Mixed shades of red, yellow, gold, orange, russet, and burgundy
  • Seed Type: Annual
  • Sun: Full sun
  • Moisture: Dry to moderate
  • Height: 60-90 inches
  • Bloom Period: Summer through fall

Upgrade your garden with our Sunflower Autumn Beauty and bask in the warm, inviting ambiance it creates. Order your seeds now and experience the enchanting allure of this unique sunflower variety!