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Alaska Mix Nasturtium Seeds


Introducing the Nasturtium Alaska Mix Flower Seeds for Planting - a vibrant blend of beauty and flavor for your garden! This dwarf Nasturtium variety features variegated leaves and a striking mix of gold, orange, red, and yellow flowers, bringing a delightful splash of color to any outdoor space. Easy to grow and long-bloom, these plants are perfect for novice and experienced gardeners alike.

The Nasturtium Alaska Mix is scientifically known as Tropaeolum annum and has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's prestigious Award of Garden Merit for its reliable performance in the garden. These plants thrive in full sun and adapt to dry and moderate moisture conditions. With a height of 8-14 inches, they make a stunning addition to flower beds, borders, and containers.

Not only are these flowers beautiful to look at, but they are also edible and offer a tangy, peppery taste. Try adding the blossoms to salads or using them as a unique stuffing for cream cheese-filled appetizers. They also make a colorful and flavorful garnish for any dish.

The Nasturtium Alaska Mix flowers are a favorite among bumble bees, attracting these essential pollinators to your garden. Enjoy these summer and fall blooming flowers annually in colder climates or as a tender perennial in milder regions.

Transform your garden with the Nasturtium Alaska Mix Flower Seeds for Planting – a captivating blend of color, taste, and easy-to-grow charm. Order your seeds today and experience these plants' delightful versatility!