Slow Bolt Cilantro Seeds

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Cilantro Seeds For Planting Heirloom Non-GMO Herb Coriander Plant Seeds For Home Herb Gardens

  • FLAVOR - This bright herb known as the cilantro plant is very well known for Mexican dishes.  Great in salsa, tacos, fajitas, rice, and soups!

  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR HERB GARDEN - Ciltrano is an excellent herb to grow inside your kitchen or outdoors.  It grows best when temperatures are mild outside.

  • USA - All of our seeds, including the cilantro seeds, are heirloom, open-pollinated and non-GMO, grown in the USA.  Now you can harvest your seeds and use them next year!

  • PACKETS - Each cilantro seed packet is printed on water-resistant paper, in full color, with growing and harvesting directions included.  Plus, each packet contains approx 2g of seeds!

  • Semillas de cilantro para plantar semillas de plantas de cilantro de hierbas heirloom Non-GMO para jardines de hierbas caseros

Days Until Maturity: 50-55

Planting Depth: 1/4" - 1/2"

Plant Spacing: 4" - 6"

Days to Germination: 14-21

Start Indoors: Direct Sow

Sun or Shade: Full Sun

Weight: Approx. 2g

USDA Hardiness Zones: 1-11

Plant Height: Approx. 24"

When to Plant: March to May

When to Harvest: May to September

Moisture Needs: Regular Watering

Slow bolt cilantro is easy to grow and has great flavor! Bolding means that the plant starts to produce seeds instead of growing more leaves. This variety means that the bolting is slower than on other varieties of cilantro. The seed is called coriander seeds for planting.

Cilantro is a beautiful choice for an indoor cilantro garden or indoor herb garden. Maybe people grow and keep accessible fresh cilantro in their kitchen, so it's easy to harvest and cook with.

Cilantro is Wonderful For:
*Salsa Garden Seed Packets
*Mexican Dishes
*Survival garden seeds
*Herb survival garden
*Fresh Garnish
*Growing Indoors
*Growing Outdoors
*Hydroponic Seed
*Aquaponic Seed