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Hot Salsa Seed Assortment | 8 Variety Pack


Heirloom Hot Salsa Growing Seed Packets, 8 Varieties Including Habanero, Jalapeno, Serrano Peppers, Roma, San Marzano, Cilantro, Green Onion, and Tomatillo For Garden Non-Gmo Heirloom Seeds

8 VARIETY PACK - All the seeds needed for your own hot salsa garden. 8 Varieties to help you grow a salsa garden at home, including Jalapeno, Habanero, Serrano Peppers; Roma, Tomatillo, San Marzano Tomatoes; Cilantro, and Green Onions.

FREE BONUS - 8 Free plant markers to help you keep track of what seeds are planted where.

WATER RESISTANT PACKAGING - Our high-quality heirloom seeds are packaged in professional paper seed packets, which don't harbor mold, unlike plastic bags. Also included on every package is planting, growing, and harvesting instructions.

USA - Proudly grown and produced here in the USA. All heirloom, non-GMO, and open-pollinated seeds.

Paquetes de semillas de cultivo de salsa picante Heirloom, 8 variedades que incluyen habanero, jalapeño, pimientos serranos, roma, san marzano, cilantro, cebolla verde y tomatillo para semillas de jardín no transgénicas

Our hot salsa starter kit gives you one seed packet of 8 different vegetables/herb varieties generally used in hot Mexican garden salsa. Each set will have one of each of the following seed packets:

Roma VF Tomato seeds - 300mg
San Marzano Tomato seeds - 200mg
Jalapeno Pepper seeds - 700mg
Cilantro Slow Bolt seeds - 2g
Onion Tokyo Long White Bunching seeds - 400mg
Yellow Habanero Pepper seeds - 300mg
Serrano Pepper seeds - 400mg
Tomatillo Grande Rio Verde tomato seeds - 200mg