How to Grow Micro Cilantro

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Growing micro cilantro indoors only requires a few easy steps and is a popular and useful herb. These tiny greens, which have a milder flavor than mature cilantro, are the immature, fragile shoots of cilantro. Growing micro cilantro is a fantastic year-round option to give your food a fresh, herbal flavor. We will go over how to cultivate micro cilantro utilizing paper towels, cilantro seeds, a spray bottle, and other necessary supplies in this blog post.

How to Grow Micro Cilantro

Step 1 - Choose Your Cilantro Seeds

The proper seeds must be chosen as the initial step in developing micro cilantro. Get high-quality cilantro seeds that are marked specifically for growing microgreens. These seeds are easier to grow indoors because they are smaller than typical cilantro seeds. Checking your seeds' germination rate before planting them is also critical. Microgreens with a higher likelihood of health will be more likely to grow from seeds with a higher germination rate.

Step 2 - Soak Your Seeds

The next step is to soak the cilantro seeds you've chosen. Your seeds' germination rate can be accelerated by soaking them prior to planting. Your seeds should be soaked for 12 to 24 hours in a dish of room-temperature water. Drain the water once the seeds have soaked, then lay them out on a paper towel. Make sure the seeds are not clumped together and are spread out evenly.

as a growth medium, paper towels. Just watch out that the paper towel doesn't dry out and stays wet.

Step 3 - Prepare Your Growing Container

You can have your growth container ready while your seeds are soaking. For cultivating micro cilantro, any shallow container with drainage holes will do. You can use a plastic, clay, or repurposed container like an egg carton or plastic salad container. Making sure the container has sufficient drainage is essential. Put a layer of potting soil about 1-2 inches deep in your container to prepare it.

Step 4 - Sow Your Seeds

It's time to plant your seeds after you've soaked them and set up your growing area. Place the paper towel containing the seeds on top of the ground. Make sure the seeds are in contact with the soil by gently pressing them there. A thin layer of dirt, about 1/8 inch deep, should be placed over the seeds. Make sure the soil is evenly moistened by misting it with water using a spray bottle.

Step 5 - Maintain Your Micro Cilantro with Water

It's crucial to maintain the soil's constant moisture once you've planted your seedlings. You can use a spray bottle or a watering can with a fine nozzle to water your micro cilantro. Do not overwater because this can cause rot or mold. Making ensuring your micro cilantro receives adequate light is also crucial. Put your pot under grow lights or at a window with natural light. Within a few days, your cilantro seeds ought to begin to sprout.

Step 6 - Thin and Harvest Your Micro Cilantro

As your cilantro seeds germinate, you may notice that some seeds have not sprouted or that the sprouts are growing too close together. To prevent overcrowding, you can thin your micro cilantro by gently removing any excess sprouts. This will allow the remaining sprouts to grow larger and healthier. After a few weeks, your micro cilantro should have developed its true leaves and be ready to harvest. To harvest, simply cut the stems just above the soil line with a pair of scissors.

In conclusion, growing micro cilantro is a fun and easy way to add fresh, herbaceous flavor to your meals. By following these simple steps, you can grow cilantro microgreens using just paper towels, cilantro seeds, a spray bottle, and a shallow container. With a little patience

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